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Environmental Compliance

Practical Solutions for a Dynamic World

HEI was established in 1987 to provide commercial and industrial firms with a diversified range of environmental, health, and safety support services.  Some of our Environmental Support Services provided are described below. 

Professional Facility & Operations Guidance 

HEI provides expert support services to meet the many and changing regulatory requirements that your facility faces in meeting the expansive universe of environmental compliance requirements, including those imposed by USEPA and State regulators. 

HEI provides a full range of support services to help support all of your required environmental program and reporting elements. 

Comprehensive Environmental

Compliance Audits 

Is your facility compliant with USEPA, State, and local environmental regulations?  HEI can customize an audit specific to your processes and/or facility and will provide an expert assessment on where your environmental compliance status stands. 

HEI can help identify deficiencies before inspectors and will partner with your team to develop a plan to achieve and maintain compliance. 

Notice of Violation and Order on

Consent Resolution 

HEI has the experience and expertise to assist your facility navigate through the process of responding to and resolving Notices of Violations, Administrative Orders and/or Orders on Consent issued to your facility by various environmental regulatory agencies. 

USEPA e-Disclosure & NYSDEC CP-59 Violation Disclosure Programs 

Whether registering a new process, making a correction to your registration, or completing a full revalidation required every 5 years, HEI can serve as the preparer to ensure that your certifying official can feel confident in the process. 

Chemical Management Reporting 

Does your facility use or store any hazardous chemicals which require your facility to maintain a SDS under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard?  HEI can both help achieve compliance and protect your employees, as well as the public, by completing required reporting under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Sections 311/312 and 313. 

Environmental Site Assessments

HEI has extensive experience and expertise in the field of environmental consulting to identify and minimize environmental risks during your property ownership or real estate transactions. 

HEI conducts environmental due diligence through Desktop Records Reviews, ASTM Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessments, and ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  In addition, HEI also performs Vapor Encroachment Screening in support of due diligence projects. 

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