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Notice of Violation and Order on Consent Resolution

Has your facility received a Notice of Violation (NOV), Administrative (AO) or Order on Consent (OOC) from the USEPA, State or local regulatory agency?  HEI can help you to respond to these agencies in these scenarios, and ensure you meet all response and corrective action deadlines set by the regulatory agencies. 

It goes without saying that a facility does not want to receive such notices from environmental regulatory bodies, but it does happen all too frequently.  Environmental compliance violations may be discovered by an agency as a result of a compliance inspection, a whistle-blower or disgruntled employee, or through community complaint.  HEI can consult with you during the corrective action and response process in order to assure your facility is meeting all requirements in a manner that protects your facility, and potentially reduce mandated and penalties that may be imposed by the regulatory agencies. HEI serves as a strong client advocate against agency overreach.  

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