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Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Audits

USEPA, State, and local environmental regulatory agencies have many requirements for facilities to follow in order to achieve compliance with the provisions of the respective regulations.  HEI’s experienced technical staff of experts has completed compliance audits and assessments on many different processes and our team brings a wealth of knowledge in assessing whole facilities of any particular process with respect to a specific environmental regulation.     

With HEI’s extensive knowledge of USEPA, NYSDEC, and other agencies’ environmental requirements, as well as its experience assisting numerous clients through regulatory agency inspections, HEI can both audit your facility in a systematic fashion with feedback from recent inspection experience, and provide useful feedback on best practices throughout the assessment/audit.  HEI can help identify deficiencies before inspectors do and ensure that you are implementing an effective environmental compliance program.  HEI can also provide audits from a sustainability standpoint to support a facility’s efforts to achieve compliance and affect change within the workplace.    

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