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PSM/RMP Support Services

Practical Solutions for a Dynamic World

HEI was established in 1987 to provide commercial and industrial firms with a diversified range of environmental, health, and safety support services. Some of the PSM/RMP Support Services provided are described below.

Compliance Audits

Is the three year compliance audit requirement coming up or just want an expert assessment on where your program stands? HEI can help identify deficiencies before inspectors do.

Inspection Support

HEI has experience and expertise in navigating through both OSHA PSM and USEPA RMP inspections. HEI can partner with and support your team throughout the inspection, informal conferences, and abatement certification process.

Program Development 

HEI can partner with your team to build a comprehensive site-specific PSM/RMP Program that will provide a framework for successful implementation. 

USEPA Registration 

Whether registering a new process, making a correction to your registration, or completing a full revalidation required every 5 years, HEI can serve as the preparer to ensure that your certifying official can feel confident in the process. 

Worst Case Scenario

If your process is new, has changed significantly, or needs to be updated based on the 5 year period, HEI can assist in documenting and submitting the process while using the most current available data.

Process Hazard Analysis

If your facility is starting up a new process, revalidating a PHA previously conducted, or just want a fresh approach in looking at your system, HEI can provide an experienced Facilitator to lead the study and ensure the process is completed appropriately.

Mechanical Integrity Procedures

When assessing your mechanical integrity program, does it meet manufacturer’s recommendations and combine the requirements of the appropriate RAGAGEP for your process? HEI can help you develop custom procedures and work with you to ensure that the process can be effectively implemented.

Additional Support Services

HEI provides expert support services to meet the many and changing regulatory requirements that your facility faces in meeting both OSHA and USEPA requirements. HEI provides a full range of support services to help support all of the required program elements.

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