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About Hazard Evaluations

It is HEI’s corporate goal to provide the highest quality technical services for its clients while finding practical, cost-effective solutions for compliance and liability issues that arise.  HEI maintains a commitment to technical excellence while focusing on project details, yet does not lose sight of a client’s “bigger picture”.  Attention is always paid to due dates and turn-around times for all projects undertaken.  HEI promotes a proactive approach to regulatory compliance which has proven to result in both economic and operational benefits to its clients, including the proper definition and management of client liabilities. 


HEI assumes the role of “client advocate” to provide the best services to meet each client’s specific project needs. We are capable of serving large corporations, but we are also especially proud of the services we have developed specifically for small business.


Mr. Hanna has over 13 years of experience in the industrial health and safety field, as well as an additional 2 years in the personal protective equipment industry. He serves as the Director of Health and Safety Services and is responsible for the oversight of HEI’s technical and support services to general industry clients. He specializes in hazard assessments, air and noise monitoring, site-specific safety program development and implementation, safety program assessments and auditing, PSM/RMP related compliance services, employee safety training and OSHA general industry compliance.

Mr. Hanna also specializes in the development of site specific PSM/RMP Programs, facilitating Process Hazard Analysis Study’s, conducting Compliance Audits, developing Mechanical Integrity procedures, and has also been very successful in writing NYS Hazard Abatement Board Training Grants, having obtained all of the grants he has applied for during the 2011-2020 period. He also has experience representing clients during both OSHA and applicable USEPA inspections. Mr. Hanna has forged positive working relationships with several OSHA and USEPA inspectors, which has proved to be very beneficial when working through the details of compliance.

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